Easy Barcode for Canva – Terms and Conditions

  1. Trial Period:
    • Easy Barcode provides a 7-day trial for users to explore features.
  2. Payment:
    • After the trial, a one-time payment of 10 euros is required.
  3. Tax Information:
    • The payment of 10 euros is subject to applicable taxes depending on the user residence country.
  4. Refunds:
    • Users can request a refund by contacting us within a reasonable timeframe.
  5. Usage License:
    • Payment grants a license for continued use of Easy Barcode.
  6. Updates and Support:
    • Users are entitled to updates and customer support post-payment.
  7. Termination:
    • Easy Barcode reserves the right to terminate access in case of misuse.
  8. Changes to Terms:
    • Terms and conditions may be updated; users will be notified.