Using Adobe InDesign to post on your WordPress website can be a time consuming process that would involve multiple steps and a lot of effort. Have you ever felt that importing WordPress posts is taking you so much time, especially when you have multiple WordPress websites? Then WP-Exporter is the Adobe InDesign plugin for you! Alternating between all your websites and exporting InDesign articles to WordPress has never been made easier! 

So buckle in as we go through this amazing plugin’s features!

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Easy and secure login

Do you want to link the InDesign plugin to a specific WordPress website? Just type in your WordPress site url, username and password. If you have the appropriate rights, your WordPress website and credentials will be added and saved securely in no time. Following that, your WordPress posts categories will be imported and displayed so you can choose which one to use, and voila! You're in to start exporting your InDesign articles to your WordPress websites.

Multiple users support

Not only can you add multiple WordPress user profiles for importing InDesign articles, but you can also alternate between each one of them while having your same InDesign articles available with a single click! Your WordPress categories will be updated of course, and your articles ready to export to WordPress, If that's not efficiency I don't know what it would be called!InDesign Translator plugin.​

Post customization

This is the most important part, your InDesign articles are very easy to configure and will be converted to a WordPress post in just a few steps, here's an overview of some features: - You can add a custom title for your WordPress post to be exported
- Select a featured image and it'll be linked to the WordPress post to be imported from InDesign
- Choose the status: choose,from Adobe InDesign, between draft and published, so that the post imported in WordPress has that status
- Custom tagging: write your tags and they'll be created and assigned to your article available to export from InDesign to WordPress

Easy export

Now that your InDesign articles are ready to export, you can select which articles you want to export to your WordPress websites, in fact, those that are configured will have a green status and you can export your InDesign Articles to WordPress with one simple click, either one or many, you will be able to import your WordPress posts from InDesign in no time. Also, your InDesign articles' and your WordPress credentials configurations are saved and available whenever you open WP-Exporter, exporting from InDesign to WordPress has never been easier!

Export multiple InDesign articles to WordPress

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Manage your WordPress accounts for importing from InDesign

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Frequently asked questions

WP-Exporter is very easy to use, you can export  your InDesign articles to WordPress in just a few clicks with no knowledge required. Any user should find it easy to interact with the Adobe InDesign integrated GUI WP-Exporter has, in case you have any problems, please take a look at how to wp-exporter.

WP-Exporter interacts with WordPress via  REST API, so you will need a plugin to activate it if needed, otherwise not prerequisites are needed, just dive in and export from InDesign to WordPress!

You can either manually tag your posts or post raw content and then style it accordingly in WordPress when you import your articles from InDesign.

First and foremost, we are more than happy to support you if any need arises, free of charge. If you need any new features , feel free to contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

WP-Exporter to export from InDesign to WordPress is available for purchase here for the modest price of $49.00, you’ll be getting your money’s worth that’s for sure!

WP-Exporter is a powerful tool for publishing your Adobe InDesign content to WordPress