Translating Adobe InDesign texts can be a tricky process involving many steps and having to use third party services. Translator for Adobe InDesign provides a full integration of the Google Translate API making translating InDesign documents workflow a matter of a few clicks !

Let’s go through this amazing InDesign document translation plugin features !


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For complex documents, try out our new plugin: Translator Web

Import InDesign translations from Excel

The magic happens here when you’re importing reviewed excel files to InDesign in order to translate them, if they’re resulting from layers translation new translated layers in InDesign will be created, if they’re resulting from an InDesign document translation they’ll be applied to the InDesign document or the selection directly! a few click and you’re all set !​

Quick InDesign document translation

While you’re editing an Adobe InDesign document that needs a translation and you aren’t sure about the correct translation, don’t head over the browser, you can directly translate your InDesign texts from the InDesign Translator plugin.​

InDesign document translation review

Once you upload your InDesign document to translate it, you can review the generated translations or translate it yourself before downloading, you can make sure the formatting matches and proofread your translated texts. To read more about that, please check the InDesign document translation section in Translator's how to.

Translation memory

By using Translator Web, your previous InDesign translations are saved in our translation memory so your usage can be saved whenever you use any translation service, thus saving you money and making sure you don't have to fix your translations again!

Frequently asked questions

Translator is very easy to use, any user should find it easy to interact with the Adobe InDesign integrated GUI, you can translate all your InDesign content very easily with the Translator plugin, in case you have any problems, please take a look at how_to_translator.

Translator for Adobe InDesign is based on Google Translation API , so having an API key is a must , however if you want to export your texts and have them translated by any other service , check out our Exporter.
Translator uses an optimized algorithm to translate InDesign’s long texts and avoid time out errors.

Translator is a powerful tool for translating  Adobe InDesign content, if you have any more questions , please Contact Us