Translating Adobe InDesign files can be a complex workflow , with Exporter for Adobe InDesign choose what texts to translate , export them to excel with a few clicks , have them translated by your favorite translator and import them back directly !


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Easy export

In a single click, you can select which layers needs to be translated and export them, you will find them instantly in an excel file.

Easy import

All you have to do when you have your texts and the translated equivalent is to import the translated excel files , new layers with the translated texts will be created automatically for you!

Layers support

Selection has never been made easier! You can select any layers you wish to export and it will be done in no time, the only thing to do is to translate your texts and import them back again and you will have them on right where you want them.

Cross platform

Whether it be on Windows or macOS, exporter will work flawlessly for you!

Frequently asked questions

Exporter is very easy to use, any user should find it easy to interact with the Adobe InDesign integrated GUI, you should check the demo above, in case you have any issues, please take a look at how_to_exporter.

Exporter uses an optimized algorithm to translate long texts and avoid timeout errors.

Our app is available for download here for $10.00 ! enjoy translating your texts , if you have any custom requirements please contact us.

Exporter is a powerful tool for exporting/importing Adobe InDesign text , if you have any more questions , please Contact Us